•  Experience, dedication and knowledge
  •  Designed specifically with such problems in mind
  •  Settle-in without the stress

Client companies who are relocating executives and their families to Madrid can be assured of our experience, dedication and knowledge of the challenges and anxiety associated with moving and setting up home in a new country.

Our relocation service is designed specifically with such problems in mind and we treat each client with the support and back-up that only a service with our experience and reputation can offer, to ensure that the executive and accompanying family settle-in without the stress and hassle often associated with relocating to a new environment.

  • Welcome to Madrid
  • House hunting
  • Negotiation and completion of rental contract
  • Schools: Contact, Visit & Enrolment
  • Utility Connection
  • Bank accounts
  • Permits and licences
  • Medical Insurance
  • Vehicle purchase / importation
  • Shopping, Sports, Leisure and kids stuff
  • Packing up

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